Stream Towards Building up of Great Leadership

Leadership is the key to unlock every success. People get promotion in their career by effective leadership qualities only. The same rule is applicable in higher education studies. You need to have few qualities to lead an organization. Let’s discuss those a few qualities in detail: –


Discipline is mandatory in every aspect of the life whether it is about sticking to a habit, losing weight or acing an exam. It is compulsory to be in the discipline read more


5 Reasons Why an Online Degree Could Be a Perfect Fit For You

There are many options available to further your education online. Sometimes it may seem quite confusing, which can cause a delay in reaching the decision that suites you. For those who have important personal responsibilities, or need to study while working full time, online and distance learning is a great option.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the comfort of your own home can help you balance your education and with read more


UBC Arts Flash-Based Learning Tools available for download


Like I said, “affable tools for rich media manipulation” – a few years back I wrote about the availability of some Flash-based authoring tools from the UBC Arts Computing group. Since then, they have created many more; in addition to the original timeline tool, they’ve developed a multimedia learning object authoring tool, a vocabulary memorization platform,’ a language pronunciation tool and a very cool character stroke read more


Have you told your faculty about the Creative Commons?

I run a repository service in B.C. (god, why does that always feel like the start of a stereotypical A.A. confessional, “My name is Scott and I am a recovering Learning Object Repository manager…”) We currently support sharing materials under two different licenses, either the Internet-wide Creative Commons (specifically the Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Canada flavour) or a BC-specific consortial license called the BC Commons.

Part of my job is to take the dog and pony show around to institutions, read more


Making the case for “Fully Open” Content

I’ve asked twitterites a few times but haven’t got much of a reply yet, so I’m hoping readers have a reference or two to throw my way. Here’s the question – I work on a project that helps share educational resources. We currently support two licenses, a Creative Commons license and a regional consortia license called the “BC Commons” which facilitates sharing amongst the public post-secondary institutions in BC. Obviously this latter is not a “fully open” license as it does limit read more


BCcampus OER site – Free Learning

If you read ed tech blogs, especially the ones I read, then conversations about “open content” and “open education” feel like they have been going on forever. Indeed, at the Open Education conference this year, we celebrated 10 years of Open Education, so it’s been at least that long.

But my experience travelling around my own province for the last few years is that OER is still not a widely publicized phenomenom, and that faculty and ed tech support staff are still living with “scarcity read more


Sni.ps Attribution Tool

Sni.ps is a service that has come across my desk a dozen times in the last year, referred on to me by everyone from trusted colleagues, the director of my org, and the developer himself (with whom I should note I have worked before and consider a friend). I had looked at it briefly before, but the last time someone sent me a prompt I thought it time to take a better look and write it up.

The premise is simple enough – the service provides a bookmarklet that, when clicked, creates an overlay of read more


My Recent OpenID Preso

Somehow I think this is likely of limited value if you are reading this blog. I don’t think I really know that many people who don’t know what OpenID is or why we in higher ed should be paying attention to it. But when I gave this talk during an ‘student authentication’ session at the recent WCET conference in Atlanta, a scant 2 people in a room of 50 put their hands up when asked if they had heard of OpenID. So maybe there’s still some folks who might find this useful. Anyways, here read more


Jorum Report on Automated Metadata

If you don’t have the pleasure of being a metadata geek in your day job then, move along folks, nothing to see here.

For the 9 and 3/4 people still reading this post, this report from Jorum is worth a read, though not the magic bullet you’d hoped for from the title. The report mainly looks at Jorum’s own practices in regards to automating metadata collection for learning resources (sensible enough too, mostly all ones we practice in SOL*R) and near the end surveys 5 other systems out there read more


bfree – export courses from Blackboard

Another useful pointer from Michael Roy at Wesleyan’s Academic Commons, bFree is a tool built by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It allows you to open a Blackboard course export or archive file, select the files you want and then export these as an independent website.

This might not seem like a lot to some, especially with supposedly mature content interoperability specifications to ease the movement of content between CMS, but frankly I did a little dance when I saw this.

My read more