Stream Towards Building up of Great Leadership

Leadership is the key to unlock every success. People get promotion in their career by effective leadership qualities only. The same rule is applicable in higher education studies. You need to have few qualities to lead an organization. Let’s discuss those a few qualities in detail: –


Discipline is mandatory in every aspect of the life whether it is about sticking to a habit, losing weight or acing an exam. It is compulsory to be in the discipline read more


5 Reasons Why an Online Degree Could Be a Perfect Fit For You

There are many options available to further your education online. Sometimes it may seem quite confusing, which can cause a delay in reaching the decision that suites you. For those who have important personal responsibilities, or need to study while working full time, online and distance learning is a great option.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the comfort of your own home can help you balance your education and with read more


My Recent OpenID Preso

Somehow I think this is likely of limited value if you are reading this blog. I don’t think I really know that many people who don’t know what OpenID is or why we in higher ed should be paying attention to it. But when I gave this talk during an ‘student authentication’ session at the recent WCET conference in Atlanta, a scant 2 people in a room of 50 put their hands up when asked if they had heard of OpenID. So maybe there’s still some folks who might find this useful. Anyways, here read more


Jorum Report on Automated Metadata

If you don’t have the pleasure of being a metadata geek in your day job then, move along folks, nothing to see here.

For the 9 and 3/4 people still reading this post, this report from Jorum is worth a read, though not the magic bullet you’d hoped for from the title. The report mainly looks at Jorum’s own practices in regards to automating metadata collection for learning resources (sensible enough too, mostly all ones we practice in SOL*R) and near the end surveys 5 other systems out there read more


bfree – export courses from Blackboard

Another useful pointer from Michael Roy at Wesleyan’s Academic Commons, bFree is a tool built by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It allows you to open a Blackboard course export or archive file, select the files you want and then export these as an independent website.

This might not seem like a lot to some, especially with supposedly mature content interoperability specifications to ease the movement of content between CMS, but frankly I did a little dance when I saw this.

My read more


Attending Learning Impact 2007 – Reworked Schedule for Tuesday Strands

I am in Vancouver attending the IMS Learning Impact (formerly Alt-i Lab) conference until Wednesday. The conference goes until Thursday but I am giving a talk at the BCLA conference as well as visiting with Brian at UBC so will miss the last day.

So far it has been about par for the course for a ‘biggish’ educational technology conference. Stunningly dull keynotes but lots of great conversations with some very smart people, in truth really the reason I am here.

Yet what’s frustrating to me read more


New Round of BC’s Online Program Development Fund

So while this may be of interest mostly to local readers, I thought I’d post on it because I think there’s a few things we are doing in this round that may be of wider interest.

This is the 5th round of BC’s Online Program Development Fund (OPDF), a province-wide fund that BCcampus (my employers) administer on behalf of the provincial Ministry of Advanced Education.

This year’s $750K call is notable, I think, first off for it’s inclusion of “Co-created Content” as one of the funding read more